Limping into the Console Race

Levi Nordine | Student Writer

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In a time where the phone in your pocket is capable of providing you with interactive entertainment, along with an immense suite of practical utility all packaged in a portable format, it becomes harder and harder for dedicated gaming consoles to be relevant. However, as the Darwinian model predicts, the companies that manufacture and distribute these machines have attempted to adapt. Just in the past year we have seen Microsoft attempt to wriggle its way into the living rooms of people outside of their target audience by implementing television aggregating capabilities into the newly debuted Xbox One, essentially making it as much a set-top-box as it is a gaming console. Continue reading

The VCT Lecture Series This Week

Nicholas Hanke | Staff Writer

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Join us for the VCT lecture series. The VCT Lectures series is a lecture series that occurs every month with a professional guest speaker. This month we have a certified professional photographer, David Grupa. He owns and runs David Grupa Portrait. David Grupa has come to a few previous lectures in the VCT area on the East Campus. With his years of experience, he has learned much but one thing has stood above it all—Never Stop Learning.

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The Amazing Spider-Meh Improves on Previous Film; it’s Only too Bad the Villain Blue

Matthew Hoemke | Staff Writer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: B-

The plucky web-crawler slings his web into theaters for the fifth time in twelve years and boy is it feeling derivative. The story finds Peter Parker in a will they/won’t they romance with his lady love, Spider-Man facing off with his occasionally psychotic best friend, and matching wits with super villains writ with the complexity of a doily.  None of this is new ground to be covered.

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Steven Sondheim’s “Company”

Jon Sill in the role of "Bobby" and Bobby's three girlfriends:  Kathy, played by Willow Bousu, April played by Hannah Weinberg, and Marta played by Annie Crepeau  Photo by Will Slayden

Jon Sill in the role of “Bobby” and Bobby’s three girlfriends: Kathy, played by Willow Bousu, April played by Hannah Weinberg, and Marta played by Annie Crepeau Photo by Will Slayden

Spring is in the air, and for the Century College Theater Department, that means it is time for a musical! This year, the musical of choice was Steven Sondheim’s award-winning “Company,” directed by Randy Winkler.

The play is centered on the character of Bobby, a confirmed bachelor who has a commitment phobia. He is celebrating his 35th birthday with his friends, five couples, who seem convinced that he should be in a relationship and settle down. The play also includes three women Bobby is dating. None of them are aware he is dating multiple women.

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Beegle Brings Poverty Awareness to Century

Dena Urbano | Staff Writer

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When Americans think of poverty, an image of a sad, starving child in Africa comes to mind. Why do we think that way?

Poverty is everywhere. It is under our noses every day.

When a person does see or acknowledge poverty, it is usually with stereotypes in mind brought about by the strong media influences of extreme circumstances, such as homeless people on the street. It may not be obvious that the student you sit next to in class is dealing with the experience of poverty in his or her life.

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We’re Not THAT Creepy.

Sophia Yunk | Staff Writer

When you tell your friends that you are a writer for your college newspaper, some of them may think that you are a shut-in whose dream is to become a world-famous author. Well, the friends who are of the sane-minded part of society will think this, at least. The only problem with their mindset is that the latter of the two situations, is only partially true.

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Just Say NO to Guns on Campus

An Garagiola | Staff Writer

Every state in the country has laws that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, but that doesn’t mean guns belong everywhere. Schools are one example.

Minnesota is one of 22 states that allow postsecondary institutions to decide for themselves whether or not to allow guns on campus. According to Mark Holper, Director of Campus Security, this is a complex issue with many differing perspectives, and the college must abide by MnSCU policy. “Century does not have the authority to create a local policy in violation of Board policy.” That means students and teachers (during working hours) may not carry a concealed weapon on campus.

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