We the People

Benjamin Goodspeed | Staff Writer



On July 4 1776 we as a nation officially declared our independence from British rule, thus establishing the governing rules that we carry with us to this very day. Our forefathers had dreams of a free country, where the masses possessed the power and had control. A country where people were free to govern themselves, free from the control of a dominating monarchy, free to determine their own fate. A country where the people were not controlled by the thoughts and whims of a single individual, but where people were free to dictate what was best for themselves. 

On November 4 2014 we will be gathering at the polls again, that special time when we get together to cast our vote for those that will represent our thoughts and feelings for a better country, a better place to live. Our basic right to vote is the essential piece that makes up our democracy. It is the core value that caused over 25,000 Americans to give their lives for a revolutionary war that would put in place a foundation for a better country. So rise up and control your destiny, stand up and perform your duty, not just for yourself but also for your country. The time for change is now, and although we are limited in our ability to directly affect the path of our great country, we do have a say in the direction it takes, and this begins with voting. As much as we’d like to sit back and let the “adults” take care of it, we must now realize: we are the adults. We are not going to inherit the earth. We have inherited the earth. The time is not coming. The time has come.

We vote because it affects our lives. We vote because we want to see the great tradition of democracy carried on. We vote for those who can’t vote, for those who don’t possess the freedoms that we so greatly take for granted. We vote because it’s our right and it’s our responsibility. Because freedom is something that you will never realize you have until it’s gone, until it’s too late. Our forefathers were brought to a point in their lives where they would rather die, and many of them did, than to live under the heavy constraint of others dictations. In a time when so many of the people’s rights are disappearing, the most fundamental action that common people can take is to vote. Voting isn’t merely a ballet representing your decision; it is your voice being heard, your footprint upon this great country. So get up! Stand up! Get to the polls and get informed.  Know what you’re doing and whom you are voting for. But above all else, just go vote.

For more information on the candidates in Minnesota for the upcoming election, please visit www.candidates.sos.state.mn.us.