20 Years of Excellence

Jonathan Pressley | Staff Writer


Image courtesy from demilodesign.com

    This year was the 25th Annual jazz festival at Century College by the Century Jazz Ensemble which began in 1981 when John Zdechlik organized the ensemble to provide an outlet for talented individuals in the community. This year welcomed Butch Miles as a featured artist. As a world renown jazz drummer who has performed with the likes of Count Bassie, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and numerous others, the stage was set a to give worthy tribute to the past 25 years of excellent big band jazz shows.

    This review would be remiss if it didn’t mirror the gratitude shown to Zdechlik by the audience. Although he retired in 1997, he was present at the Friday evening performance. After being recognized, a resolute applause of thanks was offered by the audience for creating this rich cultural asset all those years ago. The general quality of this talented group of individuals was demonstrated by the fact that the majority of attendees had attended the festival in past years and was returning to glean yet another morsel of the ensembles finesse. Continue reading

Behind the Screen: An In-depth Look at YouTube’s Mippey5

Image courtesy of facebook.com

Image courtesy of facebook.com

Lanie Carter | Staff Writer

Juggling classes and outside life can be difficult at times. Stressing about a test or money problems happens. If one just needs 10 minutes to step away from reality, YouTube’s Mippey5 is a good place to start.

Luke Thompson, 25, from Fridley, Minnesota, produces original songs and parodies of popular music with the help of his family and friends like Dan Duehn on a channel called Mippey5.

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Karaoke is Japanese for ‘Empty Orchestra’

Zach Lacy | Staff Writer

Image courtesy of minnesota.publicradio.org

Image courtesy of minnesota.publicradio.org

With renovations finally complete, Orchestra Hall’s new look boasts a modern-age appeal to this season’s patrons.

KPMB Architects has replaced the orchards of retro-orange chairs and balconies with a cool storm of black and gray. The lobby, now twice its original size, gives insiders an appealing view of 11th street thanks to its new floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The hall was built in 1970 and came equipped with a gender bias that provided more men than women musicians to the orchestra. Now, to the delight of cross-legged female patrons everywhere, they have doubled the number of women’s restrooms.

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Embrace the Local Music Scene

Dena Lietzke | Staff Writer

embracethemusic1The Twin Cities music scene is no joke. There have been some amazing musicians to hail from Minnesota including Prince, Bob Dylan, Atmosphere, Soul Asylum, The Jets, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Lipps Inc, Semisonic and The Replacements to name a few. What better way to help cultivate the talent in our wonderful state than to help promote musicians and artists for FREE?

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Meeting Emblem3: A Fan-girl’s Experience

Jessica Murphy | Staff Writer

performance 2It all started with a phone call on Friday, April 12th, 2013, and basically that phone call made my entire year. The caller told me that I had won passes to meet Emblem3, and I would get to watch them perform a couple songs in the Skyroom; which only a few contestants get the chance to sit in on a “private” performance. For those of you who don’t know what the Skyroom is, it’s basically like Studio C where artists come in to perform, but the only difference is that it’s called the Skyroom for KDWB.  Who is Emblem3 you might ask? They were on the X-Factor this past season, and they made it to the top three, but in the end got booted off.  Continue reading