We the People

Benjamin Goodspeed | Staff Writer



On July 4 1776 we as a nation officially declared our independence from British rule, thus establishing the governing rules that we carry with us to this very day. Our forefathers had dreams of a free country, where the masses possessed the power and had control. A country where people were free to govern themselves, free from the control of a dominating monarchy, free to determine their own fate. A country where the people were not controlled by the thoughts and whims of a single individual, but where people were free to dictate what was best for themselves.  Continue reading

Anime-niacs: They Came, They Saw, They Ate

Lanie Carter | Staff Writer

Picture by Lanie Carter

Picture by Lanie Carter

On March 12, Century’s Anime Club held their first Cosplay Café and Contest Event in the Nest. Staff and Volunteers dressed in costume as their favorite anime characters.

First, what is Cosplay? Cosplay, short for costume play, is when people dress as a character from anime, comic books, video games or films. Cosplay Cafés are a theme restaurant or pub, usually having a theme like a Maid or Butler, and serve food and drinks.

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The Racist Hidden Within Your Subconscious

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer


Photo credits from www.npr.org

Hidden Brain Book Cover - npr-orgFollowing the recent presentation held here at Century, The Hidden Racist in Your Brain: A Neuro-sociological Approach to Modern Racism, we are able to explore and explain this provocative concept in further detail with greater enlightenment to those of you who were unable to attend the presentation.

Hidden Brain Book Cover - npr-orgHidden Brain Book Cover - npr-orgAlthough there are multiple nuances to any particular aspect of the brains functioning, the “hidden brain” plays a role in affecting almost all of the brain’s higher functions such as your behavior and how you communicate.

Shankar Vendantam, writer of the new book called “The Hidden Brain,” describes the hidden brain within all of us “…as anything that we’re not aware of that is influencing us.” Continue reading

Hateful Response to Coke Ad: So what?

Johann Hollar| Staff Writer


Image courtesy of breitbart.com

What does one expect from the Superbowl that comes once every year? For many it’s not only the chance to see two of the nation’s best football teams compete in a titanic struggle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy (or as many of you know it as the Superbowl Trophy), but also for people to see the various Superbowl ads.

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Century Student Arrested for Organizing Militia

Sophia Yunk │ Staff Writer

Keith Novak Militia Creator

Image courtesy from Keith Novak’s Facebook page

There are many who have heard the arrest story of 25-year-old, Keith Novak. He is now being held in custody with charges of violating Federal Law Title 18: knowingly possessing identification of another person with the intent to commit a violation of Federal Law.

The information in the court documents may be surprising for some. According to Special Agent Marc Rensch’s report, Novak had been in communication with Under Cover Employees, (“UCEs”), about the document named “SCARS.” This document contained the identities of approximately 400 soldiers from Fort Bragg, N.C. Continue reading

Unprecedented Cold Weather Closes Schools Statewide

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Gov. Mark Dayton closed all public schools on Monday, Jan. 6, due to extremely low temperatures. This was the first time a governor made a decision like this since 1997. Some districts decided to stay closed the following Tuesday as well, following a heartfelt warning sent from Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius.

kids getting on school buses - weeklynews-com“Governor Dayton is leaving the decision about school cancellations for Tuesday to individual school districts,” said Cassellius. “…We encourage you, as always, to be mindful about the dangers of even brief exposure to these dangerously low temperatures as you make your decisions.”

These school closings have left many parents scrambling to find alternative care for their children while other parents were forced to take the days off from work. Some Century students even had to miss classes to stay home with their children because they had no one else to watch them. Continue reading

Former Staff Writer Wins Major Award for The Century Times

Matthew Hoemke | Staff Writer


Image courtesy from Matt Hoemke

Congratulations to former TCT staff writer Ellen Ahlness who won the award of Best Columnist at the Best Newspaper Contest held by the Minnesota Newspaper Association. With over 180 submitted articles from College newspapers across the state, Ahlness took home the prize for her work on the ever-popular Artichoke segment, which continues to flourish to this day.

“I was incredibly proud,” says Ahlness upon winning the award. “It’s always important to have pride in your own writing and skills, but to have others recognize it gives you such a feeling of appreciation. The award itself, I think, is recognition of efforts rather than just skill. A lot of times when I would have difficulties writing my articles, I would chug through because I loved hearing people say how much reading the Artichoke made them laugh.”

Ahlness was specifically recognized for her article Twas the Night Before Finals that ran as an online exclusive during the winter break of 2012/2013; reprinted on page 12. Check out the article that won, Twas the Night Before Finals.

Win $100 in Century Common Book Contest

Staff Writer | Renee Cortez


Image courtesy from century.edu

For the first time, Century College is offering a Common Book essay contest. Any essay that any Century student may have written for class that was about “The Round House” is eligible.

If a student has not written an essay on “The Round House” for a class, the contest rules give three topics related to the book to write about as well. The deadline for submission is March 7, 2014.

The winner will receive a $100 cash prize, an interview/publication of his or her essay in The Century Times newspaper, and a copy of next year’s Common Book. Two runners up will get all of that except for the cash prize. Continue reading

Local Teen Remembered

Angela Garagiola| Staff Writer

It can be verbal and emotional, like name calling or put-downs.

It can be controlling and possessive, like stalking or monitoring phone calls and texts.

It can be sexual and physical, such as forced sex or hitting.

It can even be deadly.


Image courtesy from thebaynet.com

According to the CDC, one in three teens will be the victim of some form of partner abuse. In fact, women ages 16-24 are at the highest risk of being in an abusive relationship. The month of February is devoted to bringing awareness to the dangers of teen dating violence.

Over fifty percent of college women know someone who’s been in an abusive relationship. Those who experience dating violence at a young age are more likely to develop substance abuse, eating disorders, attempt suicide, and experience future abuse. Partner abuse of any kind has devastating consequences that tend to ripple outward. It has lasting effects on victims, families and friends. Continue reading

E-cig Ban Enforced

Angela Garagiola | Staff Writer

A woman smokes an E-cigarette, an electronic substitute in the form of a rod, in Bordeaux

Image courtesy from designntrend.com

Century has recently updated the Tobacco Use Policy to include the use of electronic cigarettes. Just like traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes may not be used on campus.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are smokeless, giving users the freedom to enjoy a cigarette in places where smoking has been banned. They work by turning liquid nicotine and chemicals into aerosol vapor that is then inhaled like a traditional cigarette. Continue reading