Engineering Club Recruiting New Members

photo by Michael Aguirre

photo by Michael Aguirre

Interested in meeting people who share a similar passion for science and engineering? Are you currently an engineering student that has questions concerning the engineering program or the career field of engineering in general? Come join the Engineering Club. We welcome anybody who wants to learn more about engineering. Continue reading

Native American’s Last Stand to Save Student Association

Angela Garagiola | Staff Writer

Anthony Carlson, current President of the Native American Student Association with other Native American students at a pow-wow held by NASA at Century College." Photos by Jenn Rassett, Director of Student Life and Leadership Development.

Anthony Carlson with other Native American students at a pow-wow held by NASA at Century College.” Photos by Jenn Rassett, Director of Student Life and Leadership Development.

NASA, Century College’s Native American Student Association, has a membership of one.

Anthony Carlson, 20, of Forest Lake, helped form NASA in 2011, and is the club’s last remaining member. This fall he will be transferring to the University of MN, Morris, and unless someone comes in to replace him, NASA will cease to exist.

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Making it Count: A Student Senate Retrospective

Guest Writer | Chris Johnson

Death is going to happen. We’re all pretty much resigned to it. In fact, if death wasn’t coming, who knows what we’d do with our time. We don’t have that problem. We do however have the issue of what we are actually going to do with our time, since its finite nature makes it precious. For me, about a year and a half of that precious lifetime was spent as Century’s Student Senate Director of Legislation. No, I don’t know precisely what it means either. I mean, I pretty much know. If someone asks me if I actually mess with legislation, like political stuff, the best I conjure up is “erm, sometimes”.  I’ve worn a lot of hats in this line of work. Meeting-guy, PR Writer, Form Distributor, Impromptu Club Liaison, Knows-what’s-up-at-the-capital guy, etc… Accordingly, it’s complicated.

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Century ASL Logo Design Contest

Lanie Carter | Staff Writer

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Century’s American Sign Language Club (ASL) is looking for someone to design their new logo to be on posters, T-shirts etc. The contest runs now through Friday,  May 9th. Winner will be selected shortly after the contest deadline and will be posted on Century ASL Facebook page along with Century Times. Winner will also receive a $50 Visa gift card.

Logo design must include:

  • Club name: Century ASL Club
  • Use ASL hands
  • Must be tasteful
  • Must be your Original work
  • Must be jpeg or png format

Please submit the following form telling us how you came up with your design.

Submit Form

Please email Logo Design and form to

Anime-niacs: They Came, They Saw, They Ate

Lanie Carter | Staff Writer

Picture by Lanie Carter

Picture by Lanie Carter

On March 12, Century’s Anime Club held their first Cosplay Café and Contest Event in the Nest. Staff and Volunteers dressed in costume as their favorite anime characters.

First, what is Cosplay? Cosplay, short for costume play, is when people dress as a character from anime, comic books, video games or films. Cosplay Cafés are a theme restaurant or pub, usually having a theme like a Maid or Butler, and serve food and drinks.

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TCT Wants You!

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Photo by Keano Vang

From left to right: TCT’s Layout Editor Jonathan Pressley working hard, and TCT’s Art Director Dena Urbano working harder; Photo by Keano Vang

Do you have what it takes to be a part of The Century Times (TCT) family? If you would like the opportunity to express your creative side then we have a job for you. We are looking for photographers, print and web designers, writers and team leaders to fill senior staff positions.

Are you tired of being told what to write about? When writing for TCT you have complete choice over your topics, as long as they relate to the Century community in some way. When joining TCT, you will experience a very laid back atmosphere that makes earning credits fun. We are an independent, student-driven newspaper that can be taken as an online class if you so choose.

All of the TCT staff works on their own elements then collaborate to make the very newspaper that you’re now reading. Teachers do not make TCT happen, students do. The teachers are there for guidance and to teach everyone in a very hands-on learning experience. They do not control the paper. So we need students to keep the newspaper moving forward.

We currently meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:10-2pm in the Student Club Center (W1215). If you are interested in joining the paper next semester, come to a meeting now to see what we’re all about for yourself. We will also be meeting next semester on Tuesdays from 12:05-12:55pm and Wednesdays from 1:10-2:00pm in the Student Club Center as well. Shape your own future, be heard and join the paper!

The Art of Writing

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Carla Halverson - intertwining inspirations

Artwork by: Carla Halverson Photo by: Drew Petersen

The 2nd annual student art contest in the Writing Center is calling for submissions. Here’s your chance to express yourself. If the Writing Center has helped you in any way and you feel like showing some gratitude, or you just want an opportunity to show off that talent of yours, then here’s your opportunity.

Like most other students taking composition, I spent almost my entire first semester of free time in the Writing Center staring at blank computer screens and looking to the walls for any type of inspiration. The suggestions that I received on my writing by the well-informed staff was invaluable. The staff really took the time to answer my questions and point me in the right direction whenever I found myself stuck. Continue reading