The Midwest Cowgirl – Alive and Well at Century College

R. Michael Aguirre | Photography Editor

photo by R. Michael Aguirre

photo by R. Michael Aguirre

The Midwest is home to an almost mythical, dying breed; the American Cowboy. But, all hope is not lost in the ever dying off of the ranchers and farmers, who have long practiced the true lifestyle that most of us only imagine as a sport of Western men and women. It’s easy to ignore the idea of that lifestyle as we commute up and down the freeways of technology and concrete to work, school and wherever else we’re going down these highways of life. Continue reading

Steven Sondheim’s “Company”

Jon Sill in the role of "Bobby" and Bobby's three girlfriends:  Kathy, played by Willow Bousu, April played by Hannah Weinberg, and Marta played by Annie Crepeau  Photo by Will Slayden

Jon Sill in the role of “Bobby” and Bobby’s three girlfriends: Kathy, played by Willow Bousu, April played by Hannah Weinberg, and Marta played by Annie Crepeau Photo by Will Slayden

Spring is in the air, and for the Century College Theater Department, that means it is time for a musical! This year, the musical of choice was Steven Sondheim’s award-winning “Company,” directed by Randy Winkler.

The play is centered on the character of Bobby, a confirmed bachelor who has a commitment phobia. He is celebrating his 35th birthday with his friends, five couples, who seem convinced that he should be in a relationship and settle down. The play also includes three women Bobby is dating. None of them are aware he is dating multiple women.

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Calling All Writers!

Crystal Anderson | Staff Writer

Photo by Crystal Anderson

Photo by Crystal Anderson

It’s been two years in the making and now it’s almost officially here. Not only will Century College be offering several more Creative Writing courses starting Fall 2014, but there is a plan to also offer a Creative Writing certificate in the future.

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Anime-niacs: They Came, They Saw, They Ate

Lanie Carter | Staff Writer

Picture by Lanie Carter

Picture by Lanie Carter

On March 12, Century’s Anime Club held their first Cosplay Café and Contest Event in the Nest. Staff and Volunteers dressed in costume as their favorite anime characters.

First, what is Cosplay? Cosplay, short for costume play, is when people dress as a character from anime, comic books, video games or films. Cosplay Cafés are a theme restaurant or pub, usually having a theme like a Maid or Butler, and serve food and drinks.

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Thinking of Transferring? Talk to a Representative!

Casey Flannigan | Staff Writer


Photo credit from Aisha Ali

For students who are pursuing degrees that are not able to be completed at Century College, transferring schools can be a significant road block in their quest for an education. While there is generally a wealth of information that can be found on a school’s website, some students prefer meeting face to face with an administrator of the school they hope to transfer to. Century College routinely hosts transfer representatives from schools around the state.

Transfer representatives will usually be located in a common area, or in the counseling center on West campus. Jessica Migler, an Admissions Counselor with Metropolitan State University explains how she, and most other transfer representatives, can help students, “I can do anything from just quick questions all the way up to, this is unofficially how many credits you have left to finish your degree and these are the classes you have left.” Continue reading

10 Things You Should Know to Be Better Prepared

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Photo by Drew Petersen

Photo by Drew Petersen

With Summer and Fall registration now open, here are 10 things you should know when registering for classes.

10. Register for your classes as soon as you’re eligible. Classes fill up fast and when you need specific courses to fulfill requirements you will be glad that you registered early. You can always make changes later before the semester starts.

9. Check out the Registration Guides that are now online. These guides are very informative and offer a great way to help you to choose between different options. Compare classes that are similar or maybe fulfill more than one goal.

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Century’s Got Talent

Dena Urbano | Staff Writer

From left to right: Latia Sundin, Dan Ajak, and Patrick McCarthy performing "Doctor Faustus"; Photo by Brittany Borgan

From left to right: Latia Sundin, Dan Ajak, and Patrick McCarthy performing “Doctor Faustus”; Photo by Brittany Borgan

Century College students exhibited a variety of talents for the local community this past weekend during the Theater Department’s annual Student Showcase. The show ran thispast weekend, opening on Feb. 28th and running through March 1st. The showcase is both directed and performed solely by Century students. It is comprised of musical acts, one-act plays, and monologues.

Directing is an element of the theater that few students have had a chance to explore. Many take the opportunity for the showcase, because it is something they can try out on a smaller scale than an entire play.

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A New Year Brings a New Renovation

Tina Nichols | Staff Writer

Photo by Tina Nichols

Photo by Tina Nichols

On the frigid evening of Jan. 23rd, 2014 Century College’s dental department hosted an open house to celebrate the new renovations on the east campus. The dental students were excited to show off the state of the art equipment by giving tours to guests. Staffs from the dental assisting, hygiene and 916 faculties were all there to show support for one another in the great accomplishment they have been waiting many years for.

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Century Student Arrested for Organizing Militia

Sophia Yunk │ Staff Writer

Keith Novak Militia Creator

Image courtesy from Keith Novak’s Facebook page

There are many who have heard the arrest story of 25-year-old, Keith Novak. He is now being held in custody with charges of violating Federal Law Title 18: knowingly possessing identification of another person with the intent to commit a violation of Federal Law.

The information in the court documents may be surprising for some. According to Special Agent Marc Rensch’s report, Novak had been in communication with Under Cover Employees, (“UCEs”), about the document named “SCARS.” This document contained the identities of approximately 400 soldiers from Fort Bragg, N.C. Continue reading

Former Staff Writer Wins Major Award for The Century Times

Matthew Hoemke | Staff Writer


Image courtesy from Matt Hoemke

Congratulations to former TCT staff writer Ellen Ahlness who won the award of Best Columnist at the Best Newspaper Contest held by the Minnesota Newspaper Association. With over 180 submitted articles from College newspapers across the state, Ahlness took home the prize for her work on the ever-popular Artichoke segment, which continues to flourish to this day.

“I was incredibly proud,” says Ahlness upon winning the award. “It’s always important to have pride in your own writing and skills, but to have others recognize it gives you such a feeling of appreciation. The award itself, I think, is recognition of efforts rather than just skill. A lot of times when I would have difficulties writing my articles, I would chug through because I loved hearing people say how much reading the Artichoke made them laugh.”

Ahlness was specifically recognized for her article Twas the Night Before Finals that ran as an online exclusive during the winter break of 2012/2013; reprinted on page 12. Check out the article that won, Twas the Night Before Finals.