Doing Homework While Homeless

Angela Garagiola | Editor in Chief

photo by Michael Aguirre

photo by Michael Aguirre

The troubles facing homeless youth made headlines this summer when Miley Cyrus’ date to MTV’s Video Music Awards was Jesse Helt, a 22-year-old homeless man from Oregon.  Cyrus faced backlash when the media disclosed that Helt had outstanding warrants. In the face of criticism, Cyrus tweeted, “Does looking down upon the homeless help people excuse their inaction?” Continue reading

Beegle Brings Poverty Awareness to Century

Dena Urbano | Staff Writer

Image courtesty of Dena Urbano

When Americans think of poverty, an image of a sad, starving child in Africa comes to mind. Why do we think that way?

Poverty is everywhere. It is under our noses every day.

When a person does see or acknowledge poverty, it is usually with stereotypes in mind brought about by the strong media influences of extreme circumstances, such as homeless people on the street. It may not be obvious that the student you sit next to in class is dealing with the experience of poverty in his or her life.

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Calling All Writers!

Crystal Anderson | Staff Writer

Photo by Crystal Anderson

Photo by Crystal Anderson

It’s been two years in the making and now it’s almost officially here. Not only will Century College be offering several more Creative Writing courses starting Fall 2014, but there is a plan to also offer a Creative Writing certificate in the future.

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Anime-niacs: They Came, They Saw, They Ate

Lanie Carter | Staff Writer

Picture by Lanie Carter

Picture by Lanie Carter

On March 12, Century’s Anime Club held their first Cosplay Café and Contest Event in the Nest. Staff and Volunteers dressed in costume as their favorite anime characters.

First, what is Cosplay? Cosplay, short for costume play, is when people dress as a character from anime, comic books, video games or films. Cosplay Cafés are a theme restaurant or pub, usually having a theme like a Maid or Butler, and serve food and drinks.

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Thinking of Transferring? Talk to a Representative!

Casey Flannigan | Staff Writer


Photo credit from Aisha Ali

For students who are pursuing degrees that are not able to be completed at Century College, transferring schools can be a significant road block in their quest for an education. While there is generally a wealth of information that can be found on a school’s website, some students prefer meeting face to face with an administrator of the school they hope to transfer to. Century College routinely hosts transfer representatives from schools around the state.

Transfer representatives will usually be located in a common area, or in the counseling center on West campus. Jessica Migler, an Admissions Counselor with Metropolitan State University explains how she, and most other transfer representatives, can help students, “I can do anything from just quick questions all the way up to, this is unofficially how many credits you have left to finish your degree and these are the classes you have left.” Continue reading

The Art of Writing

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Carla Halverson - intertwining inspirations

Artwork by: Carla Halverson Photo by: Drew Petersen

The 2nd annual student art contest in the Writing Center is calling for submissions. Here’s your chance to express yourself. If the Writing Center has helped you in any way and you feel like showing some gratitude, or you just want an opportunity to show off that talent of yours, then here’s your opportunity.

Like most other students taking composition, I spent almost my entire first semester of free time in the Writing Center staring at blank computer screens and looking to the walls for any type of inspiration. The suggestions that I received on my writing by the well-informed staff was invaluable. The staff really took the time to answer my questions and point me in the right direction whenever I found myself stuck. Continue reading

10 Things You Should Know to Be Better Prepared

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Photo by Drew Petersen

Photo by Drew Petersen

With Summer and Fall registration now open, here are 10 things you should know when registering for classes.

10. Register for your classes as soon as you’re eligible. Classes fill up fast and when you need specific courses to fulfill requirements you will be glad that you registered early. You can always make changes later before the semester starts.

9. Check out the Registration Guides that are now online. These guides are very informative and offer a great way to help you to choose between different options. Compare classes that are similar or maybe fulfill more than one goal.

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The Name is Bonds, Revenue Bonds

Angela Garagiola | Staff Writer

Photo by Angela Garagiola

Photo by Angela Garagiola

Have you ever attended an event in the Nest, only to have the speaker disrupted by people walking by?

Do you have trouble finding quiet study space on campus?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are not alone.

Many students at Century feel that space, especially quiet study space, is hard to find. That could be changing.

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Century Student Arrested for Organizing Militia

Sophia Yunk │ Staff Writer

Keith Novak Militia Creator

Image courtesy from Keith Novak’s Facebook page

There are many who have heard the arrest story of 25-year-old, Keith Novak. He is now being held in custody with charges of violating Federal Law Title 18: knowingly possessing identification of another person with the intent to commit a violation of Federal Law.

The information in the court documents may be surprising for some. According to Special Agent Marc Rensch’s report, Novak had been in communication with Under Cover Employees, (“UCEs”), about the document named “SCARS.” This document contained the identities of approximately 400 soldiers from Fort Bragg, N.C. Continue reading

Unprecedented Cold Weather Closes Schools Statewide

Drew Petersen | Staff Writer

Gov. Mark Dayton closed all public schools on Monday, Jan. 6, due to extremely low temperatures. This was the first time a governor made a decision like this since 1997. Some districts decided to stay closed the following Tuesday as well, following a heartfelt warning sent from Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius.

kids getting on school buses - weeklynews-com“Governor Dayton is leaving the decision about school cancellations for Tuesday to individual school districts,” said Cassellius. “…We encourage you, as always, to be mindful about the dangers of even brief exposure to these dangerously low temperatures as you make your decisions.”

These school closings have left many parents scrambling to find alternative care for their children while other parents were forced to take the days off from work. Some Century students even had to miss classes to stay home with their children because they had no one else to watch them. Continue reading